Gifted = Highly Conscious


Pasfoto 13-9-2012The discovery  that you are gifted never comes alone. It is hereditary and, moreover, “like attracts like”, ie you often chose your partner and friends in your life because you had that special “click” in thinking.  So when a child, in primary or secondary school, is identified as gifted, this quite often triggers a new awareness in parents and other children in the family. Sometimes you suddenly realise what the reason is you have some “colourful” relatives. And conversely, if you as an adult find out that you’re gifted, this knowledge will make you look at your children and partner from a completely new perspective. And for that reason the dynamics of family life are also very much determined by the giftedness of the members (as there’s usually more than one), one isn’t always aware of that. The intensity, speed and sensitivity often create a climate very different from other families. For you, the situation may be perfectly normal, for most people however, it is not.

The journey to yourself is not always an easy one. Once it becomes clear how you and your high intelligence, ” being different “, have impacted your development as a human being, often a period of reliving your past and a sense of mourning follow.

Would it have been different  had I known it before?
Would I have taken a different turn in some cases?

Often, you already had knowledge unconsciously, you just could not give it a name.
Now that you can, you can build on that realisation and finally complete a new self-image and rediscover your own uniqueness. You can go on a journey to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.You can follow the path of your heart and awaken your own spirituality .
You can start contemplating on how you can put yourself in an environment where you can use your talents and make a difference. But usually not without an effort. Some of the themes:

  • From recognition to acknowledging
  • How can I find my passion and use it
  • How do I create a better relationship with colleagues and management
  • How do I prevent getting bored with school or university
  • How to stay motivated in school
  • How do I create the environment in which I feel comfortable
  • What is the effect on my relationship(s)
  • (How to) come out of the closet
  • And eventually, the path to your own spirituality

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Artikel: Haal meer uit uw hoogbegaafde medewerkers

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