Gifted, me?

Gifted, me?

Kuipers & Van Kempen distinguish five distinct characteristics of a gifted person:

1. Intellectually skillful, can not bear incomprehensible stupidities.
Can easily handle complex problems, but explains them to others too condensed, often without being conscious of it. Does not respond effectively to incomprehension.

2. Permanently curious, boundless digust of that which is boring or routine.
Always wants to know what is behind things, thoughts, ideas. Postpones routine chores endlessly or makes unnecessary mistakes.

3. The need for autonomy, fights or hides if it is challenged.
Can work independently. A control-oriented boss or client quickly leads to dysfunction.

4. Boundless and indulgent in pursuing interests, reluctant to let go and does not comprehend disinterest.
Can dig into a problem. Can also invest too much energy in the wrong things.

5. Emotionally insecure and intellectually self-assured, awkward or vulnerable in the face of hard aplomb or politics of power.
Can suffer from performance anxiety. Is inclined to be a know-it-all.

* It is my experience that if you recognize yourself in these properties, chances are  quite high you’re gifted.

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